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Redeem Therapeutics - Small Dog Tincture (Bacon Flavored)


Product Description

We're excited to bring the power of Redeem's Optimal Spectrum CBD to canines. Does your dog struggle with anxiety, arthritis, pain or appetite issues? If so, our new Hemp Extract for Dog may be just the thing your furry friend has been begging for. And it's bacon flavored - - think we just heard your pup say 'thank you'

As you know, dogs are like humans:

Just like for humans, CBD interacts with their Endocannabinoid system. CBD could be a great option to help promote overall wellness and provide relief. While we often treat dogs like humans, we're note exactly alike. And that's why we suspended our Hemp Extract for Pet's in Olive Oil as opposed to MCT Oil. Various studies suggest that Olive Oil is much easier for dogs to digest. Only the best for our pets!

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