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Redeem Therapeutics- 750mg Mint Spray Tincture


Product Description

This mint tincture comes in a convenient spray bottle for a consistent sublingual delivery every single time!

Extra Strength CBD follows the same Redeem recipe, but with greater potency. At 750mg of hemp-based CBD per bottle, this tincture is for the person who understands the power of cannabis and is looking to take a moderate dose of CBD (25 mg / day)
The hemp plant has a naturally broad lineup of chemical compounds. But variations from plant to plant result in inconsistencies. To ensure that you get the same CBD product each time, we use our "Optimal Spectrum" process–– where we meticulously balance compounds in order to achieve our precise formula. This marriage of nature and science makes for the most consistent CBD around.

While most CBD brands use droppers, we've chosen to use a fine-mist sprayer. A sprayer makes for smaller particles that are more readily absorbed by your body. That means Redeem CBD oil gets you more bang for your buck as a little bit of CBD goes a long way. Another bonus of this feature–– a metered spray is calibrated to deliver the same volume with each application. This makes your CBD dosing easy as pie.

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