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Dreem Nutrition - Pain Patch (15mg)


Product Description

The DREEMCBD patch is designed for site specific application. Instead of a sublingual delivery method for general CBD use, the patch is meant to put on the specific site you desire to use CBD for.

As resilient as they may be, the patches are accurate. They are a precision weapon to be used in your wellness arsenal should you need them. Unlike the oils, the patches are site-specific, meaning that you apply them when, where, and how you need them to maximize recovery and ultimately performance. That’s 15mg of the most bio-available CBD delivered directly into the bloodstream, over a period of 24 hours -EXACTLY where you need it!

The patches are designed to get you back in the action quicker, back in the gym, back in the game, back on the daily grind -doing what you do best.

These products contain 15mg of Zero THC.

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