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Hemp Crate Co - Soft Hemp T Shirt


Product Description

Slide smoothly into one of these hemp and organic cotton blend t-shirts. Made from 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton.

These shirts provide a higher level of serviceability by being made from the strongest natural fiber combined with organic cotton, providing a comfortable t-shirt that LASTS and breathes comfortably.

They are environmentally friendly, hold antimicrobial properties and even protect against 95% of UV rays!

The highest quality yarn and processing techniques consisting of 55% long fiber hemp and 45% combed organic cotton. Yarn Specs: 55%hemp/45% organic cotton, longfiber hemp, combed cotton, 21s, S & Z twist mixed.

Light Weight while still maintaining strength.

Feel is best described as softer than cotton, not as soft as tri-blend. Resembles jersey tee construction.

** Sizing is based on Adult Men's. We recommend that you buy one size larger than normal to account for shrinkage. **

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