How It Works

CBD can be confusing and expensive. We want to make it simple and affordable. Check out below for how our subscription service works! We do the hard part of finding CBD brands with affordable prices and high quality products so that you can sit back and relax. Don't take it from us, we also included a video of our friend Chrissy explaining what she got in her box one month!

Step 1

Choose your crate type from our diverse offerings. New products in each crate and free shipping every month!

Step 2

Choose a sub length. Month-to-month or save money by signing up for a 3 or 6 month prepaid subscription. 

Step 3

Fast and discreet shipping. First crate ships within 48 hours! Future crates ship at the end of every month. 

Ready to try your first crate?

At Hemp Crate we believe in a few things:

1. Affordability. CBD should be affordable. We're constantly negotiating with our partner brands to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. There simply is no cheaper way to try CBD than Hemp Crate. We also offer special discount programs for those on low income, disability and our veterans. Oh, and did we mention we offer free shipping on every order for U.S. customers?

2. Discovery. We know the CBD industry can lack transparency at times and is difficult to understand which products to try. That's where we come in! We test hundreds of products a month and put only the best and the brightest in your box. It's part of what makes your Hemp Crate, great.

3. Education. We could all stand to learn something. Education is important to us; expect to see informative brochures & infographics in your box to help you better understand CBD. Join our Hemp Crate Co. community to learn and grow alongside your fellow subscribers. Also, check out CBD 101 for any and all things informational

Pick your crate today!

We have worked hard to have multiple genre box options to appeal to just about anyone. 

Pick out your hemp crate or crates today.  

What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects and therefore does not give you the 'high' feeling. Hemp-derived CBD has quickly become a staple supplement for millions who seek a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Get the full low-down at our CBD 101 page. 

At Hemp Crate, we offer different subscription box styles depending on what you're looking for. Health & Wellness? Check.  Pet? Check. Just want to check out a little bit of everything? Try our new Hempa the Explorer box. With a monthly subscription to one of Hemp Crate's  boxes you will constantly experience the best CBD products out there. 

We make sure our partner's products are 3rd party lab tested and organic too, so leave the worrying to us! Expect to receive everything from flavored CBD tinctures to sleep sprays to capsules to bath bombs to pet products and everything in between! Want more information on CBD? We've got everything you could want to know over here at our CBD 101 page.

We can't wait for you to join us at Hemp Crate... because life is still great.

 About Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co was founded in 2018 as an answer to industry problems.  We noticed there was a lack of transparency in the CBD industry and that customers couldn't discern quality from the imitations. Also, we could see education was an afterthought. We wanted to change this. So we did. 

Hemp Crate Co was born on the principles of quality organic CBD products, education for the consumer and transparency into the industry. 

Which CBD companies are the best? Which ones really care about quality of the customer experience? How do I figure out dosage with an oil tincture?  These are the questions we set out to answer for our customers. That's what a CBD monthly subscription box is supposed to be in our eyes; a service to help you decide what products work best for you. Want to try different hemp products  including everything from CBD freeze to bath bombs? Check out our Hempa the Explorer box. Want CBD products that are designed to help you restore and chill? Check out our Health & Wellness box. We want to provide you options and will continue to add new themed boxes.

We also want to provide you education and a chance for our customers to interact and learn from one another. Check your monthly box for continual learning material. Also, follow our blog where we'll post the latest news from the CBD industry. Did you love a particular product? Make sure you tell your fellow @hempcrateco subscribers on our social pages. Most importantly, if you have any feedback whatsoever, we want to hear it. Shoot us a message to

~ life is still great ~ 

- The Hemp Crate Co Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have specific questions on our shipping schedule? Other questions about the nitty gritty of how your subscription will work? Check out our frequently asked questions!


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